For more than 100 years, Girl Scouts nationwide have been earning medals and badges the same way—but starting this past August, eastern Missouri G.I.R.L.s are trying something new! To meet the continually evolving needs of the region’s membership, Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri launched a pilot program called the Daisy Drop Box.

The Daisy Drop Box is a free, 10-month subscription that provides everything a new Daisy Troop Leader needs to hold successful troop meetings. Each brightly colored blue box has a theme and contains topical skill-building activities, projects, games PLUS all of the necessary materials. It’s a game-changer in the world of Girl Scouting as it takes the guesswork out of coordinating, organizing and curating content for troop leaders.


When five-year-old C.S. Biedenstein registered as a Daisy this past summer, her troop didn’t have a leader. Determined to ensure her daughter, C.S., had access to the best leadership development program in the world, Lindsay stepped up and volunteered to lead. But, since this was the first time Lindsay assumed the role as troop leader, she wasn’t sure how to run the monthly meetings. So, when Lindsay heard about the Daisy Drop Box pilot program, she immediately registered for the subscription.

“I think this tool definitely takes the pressure off of the leader,” Lindsay said. “It can be very challenging and overwhelming for a new leader to be responsible for planning new events and activities. It’s nice to know how exactly to run a troop meeting during this first year.”

Lindsay’s 20 G.I.R.L.s completed their Welcome Box in September and are looking forward to receiving the next month’s installment!
Below is a quick breakdown of just two of the Girl Scout Council’s Daisy Drop Boxes.


What a fun moment when that sky-blue box lands at your front door for the first time! When you open it up, you’ll find a welcome letter, an instruction packet, a 20-percent off coupon to the Girl Scout shop, a postcard listing all the fun Girl Scout Council-organized events and your activity materials. With the help from the scripted activities in the Welcome Box, you and your G.I.R.L.s will get to know each other! Some of your girls might already be friends but this box is designed to get that first Daisy troop meeting off to a great and warm start!

After introductions, it’s time to learn some traditions starting with the Girl Scout sign, the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law. Every troop meeting begins with an opening ceremony during which the girls recite these century-young words. Sometimes it can be hard to remember all of the words, so the packet includes a print-out of both the Girl Scout Promise and Law.

Before the meeting concludes, there’s an activity! To help recite the Girl Scout Law, your G.I.R.L.s will each assemble a bracelet with 10 different color beads. Each bead represents a line from the Girl Scout Law so when the girls are done, you will have discussed what it means to be honest, fair, courageous and strong.


In this Wells Fargo-sponsored box, your G.I.R.L.s are going to begin learning the basics of one of the Girl Scout Council’s focus areas, Money Management. This box includes a letter, an instruction packet, a postcard listing all of the fun Girl Scout Council-organized events and your activity materials including fun money and a Setting Goals Chart. After your troop kicks off the meeting with the opening ceremony, you and your Girl Scouts will start a discussion about the difference between wants and needs. Each Girl Scout will have a chance to voice her own thoughts and ideas!

Then, using the Setting Goals Chart, the girls will write out things they want. They’ll have to plan how long it would take them to reach those goals if they were to receive $5 in allowance every week. Before concluding the troop meeting, there’s one last activity that focuses on a huge aspect of Girl Scouting—helping others! Using a prompt from the instruction packet, troop leaders can pass out paper, crayons and markers while asking the girls to draw examples of what they can do to help others.


 You qualify to participate in the Daisy Drop Box pilot program if you:

  1. Register two troop leaders at and complete background checks
  2. Complete Part 1: New Troop Leaders of the New Leader Prep Series
  3. Have at least five girls registered in the troop

To learn more about the Daisy Drop Box, contact Jessica Murphy, Program Manager, at