Eastern Missouri Girl Scouts are tirelessly tackling new high adventure opportunities, participating in hands-on STEM programs and changing the world for the better, one community service project at a time. Today’s Girl Scouts are tomorrow’s leaders and with the help from their Troop Leaders, they are driven to think creatively and act boldly.

In appreciation for everything Troop Leaders do for their young groundbreakers, dreamers, innovators and entrepreneurs, Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri is offering a Troop Leader membership for 2021! By inviting two new girls who are not currently a Girl Scout to join their troop and having them registered by 2/2/2020, Troop Leaders can claim this special offer.


Ava Phillips is an eastern Missouri Girl Scout Troop Leader and has passionately delivered the organization’s mission of building girls of courage, confidence and character for nine years. She decided to step up and serve when her daughter joined in kindergarten and almost a decade later has more than 45 girls registered in her multi-level troop.

“When I was a young girl, I always wanted to be a Girl Scout,” Ava said. “But my parents both worked full-time jobs and there wasn’t anyone to take me to Girl Scout meetings. My vision was that if I had a daughter and she decided she wants to be a Girl Scout, I’m on board. Whatever it takes. So, my daughter, Arieona, was the inspiration.”

Eventually, Ava took on more and more girls in her troop, loving the experience of being a part of their lives when they were in kindergarten and watching them grow and blossom as they grew older. Ava has collected a number of memories in her role as a Girl Scout Troop Leader but some of her favorites involve her troop’s annual trip to Troop Round Up at Camp Cedarledge.

“I remember when we only had nine girls and we took them to their first Troop Round Up,” she said. “There is a bridge over by Boulder Ledge and we took a picture on it; the girls were Brownies at the time. Every year we go back, we all take a picture with the girls just to see them at different stages.”

For Ava, being a Girl Scout Troop Leader has been life-altering. Her greatest wish is that by the end of her Girl Scout career, she has made a positive and permanent change in at least one girl’s life.

Encourage two new girls to think creatively and act boldly by inviting them to join Girl Scouts—an experience that just might inspire them to become our future astronauts, data analysts, teachers, engineers and CEOs!


  • Limit one 2021 Troop Leader membership per troop. If a Troop Leader is already a Lifetime member, the membership may be applied to the co-leader of the troop, provided they are already registered for 2020.
  • A “new” girl is classified as any girl that is not a registered Girl Scout or is a lapsed member for 2018 or years before. A girl with a lapsed membership for 2019 does not apply as a new girl.
  • Troops may start the promotion period with any number of girls in their troop but must have a minimum of five girls, a Troop Leader and one Co-Leader registered in their troop by 2/2/2020 to be eligible for the offer.