When a Girl Scout sports a badge or pin on the front of her sash, tunic, or vest, she is showing the world the skills and experiences she’s worked hard to achieve. For our young change-makers participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program® and developing those five essential life skills, they have the opportunity to earn the new Girl Scout Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pins.

Participation in the Girl Scout Cookie Program is girl-led but often times, family members can provide crucial support when trying to hit those big cookie-related goals. Everyone comes together to help the Girl Scout in their family! From setting a goal and sharing with a parent or caregiver to making change with a family member, girls are incorporating the adults in their life in almost every aspect of the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

To earn a different Cookie Entrepreneur Family pin for her uniform every cookie season, follow the age-specific guidelines mapped out here—it’s an opportunity to celebrate your family’s teamwork and get the pin! Below is also a quick read describing the activities that would need to be completed by a Daisy Girl Scout.

  1. Set a goal. Goal setting is the first step to making dreams a reality. Look at the Girl Scout Cookie Program rewards with your family, think about your troop goals, and pick a reward to try for. Once you decide on the number of cookies you want to sell, fill in the goal tracker—then color it as you sell cookies!
  2. Decide how to reach your goal. Who do you want to sell cookies to? Practice decision making by choosing who to reach out to first and in what way. Write a list or draw a picture of the people you’d like to sell cookies to. Put a star by your first customer!
  3. Practice with money. Use your math superpowers to count and identify coins and bills with a grownup in your life. Don’t worry if you need help at first—that’s what your family is for! Use this space to write down how much each cookie costs so you can tell customers and count money as they make their payments.
  4. Learn to talk to customers. Ask a family member to pretend to be a customer. Many customers would like to learn about your cookie goal and what your troop might do with the money.
  5. Think like a Girl Scout. The Girl Scout Law reminds us to be responsible for what we say and do. You can do that by filling in important deadlines below and then keeping track of them with help from your family. That means starting your sale on or after the official start date and turning in your orders and money on time!

The Girl Scout in your life can use also her Digital Cookie® dashboard to help keep track of the pins and badges she’s earned throughout the Cookie Program season. Just follow the link for step-by-step instructions!

You can purchase your girl’s Cookie Entrepreneur Family pin at Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri’s Shop located at 2300 Ball Drive, St Louis, MO 63146. Please call 314.592.2378 to verify hours. You can also purchase the pin online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

While you’re at the Shop picking up your Cookie Entrepreneur Family pins, talk to a team member about the other earned badge awards and fun patches we have available!