At Girl Scouts, a commitment to inclusivity is part of the organization’s DNA. More than a century ago, Girl Scouts was founded by Juliette Gordon Low who was determined to provide leadership opportunities “for the girls of Savannah, and all of America, and all the world.”

Throughout February, we are celebrating Black History month by highlighting the stories of our incredible Girl Scouts, adult volunteers and alums who are using their skills to create permanent and positive changes in our community and beyond. This week, Tameka Brown, a Girl Scout adult volunteer and entrepreneur, reflects on her own leadership journey and the growth she’s seen in Brooke, her 10-year-old daughter, since joining Girl Scouts.

“I am the owner and founder of TABBOX Consulting Group. I help my clients, which are nonprofit and public sector organizations, stay on track with their intended program outcomes. I create customized assessments that determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to their community programs. These assessments sometimes reveal gaps in programming, staff performance, processes, and procedures and also highlight areas where the agency may need to expand base on the need within their community. I have committed to this journey as an advocate for all of the frontline workers who add so much value and stand behind the mission of the organization they work for. There is no better pleasure than giving back and most of these workers commit to their jobs effortlessly. It has been my goal and my pleasure to brighten the light where it may have dimmed to help strengthen those who support our communities.”

For Tameka, creating her own consultancy firm was a way to give back and a way to show her daughter that carving out your own path is possible with hard work and passion. Although Tameka didn’t have the opportunity to be a Girl Scout when she was young, she said she’s happy Girl Scouts is now an integral part of their lives as the program has provided both of them new and memorable adventures.

“Girl Scouts is a great experience for Brooke. I have seen her grow, develop and advance in so many ways! In Girl Scouts, she’s doing things she wasn’t familiar with before. Science has always been a favorite subject of hers but now she can explore a little bit more. It has really made an impact on her life. She just did the Magic House sleepover experience and talked about how much fun they had and the building block activity she and her friends accomplished together.”

As an entrepreneur, Tameka recognizes the power the Girl Scout Cookie Program® can have on our young change-makers as it provides girls, just like Brooke, the chance to set goals, execute a strategy and see the rewards.

“In terms of entrepreneurship and the Girl Scout Cookie Program, they have the opportunity to develop self-awareness. Once they have nurtured this self-awareness, they figure out what they’re great at and capable of doing! Brooke took her order card, reached out to some people she knows and added up the boxes on her form. This teaches her how to manage her priorities and also shows her there are rewards for the hard work. This year Brooke has a goal of 105 Girl Scout Cookie packages and she’s at 75 now so we’re more than halfway there! She’s using Digital Cookie to help boost her sales now.”

Similar to her mom, Brooke is following her passions and has taken the lead in developing her own entrepreneurial endeavors. An outdoor enthusiast, Brooke has organized a regular exercise session for her peers.

“Brooke organizes a fitness program during recess at school. What she does is a combination of fitness and meditation. So, she creates different workout plans for the boys and the girls. She even names the workouts like gorilla pullups; she did a whole animal theme. Brooke will get up on the weekend, she’ll take her laptop and just research workout plans. Then the kids sign up and work out with her during recess—she just wants to promote an active lifestyle; she thinks children should be outside more. She’s been doing it for a year now! Brooke just really enjoys working out, me on the other way, I could probably do more! Brooke has started a lot of things at school, she also organized an anti-bullying group but she’s really passionate about her fitness group. In the spring, we’re going to solidify her business plan, finalize a logo and get some flyers out there. She wants to organize regular sessions at the park!”

Thank you, Tameka, for sharing your leadership journey! We hope Brooke reaches her Girl Scout Cookie goal this year!