When things get challenging, Girl Scouts rise to the challenge and find new ways to shine! One way girls are stepping up this Girl Scout Cookie season is by utilizing the Digital Cookie® platform in more innovative ways than ever before. With the Digital Cookie® platform, participation in the Girl Scout Cookie Program is easier than ever! Never used Digital Cookie® before? This year is the perfect time to superpower your sale with online and mobile sales.

1. Digital Cookie® allows Girl Scouts to reach their goals faster!

Girl Scouts who use the Digital Cookie® platform in addition to traditional sales, sold more cookies and reached their goals faster – which means more rewards and troop proceeds for future adventures. With Digital Cookie® you get more ways to participate, more ways to sell and more ways to learn!

2. No contact? No problem!

Digital Cookie® provides an online and contact-free way for customers near and far to order cookies from the comfort of their home. Simply invite your customers via text, email or leave-behind flier so they can order and pay for cookies online. With options for girl-delivery, direct shipping or donation, you can easily sell cookies without unnecessary contact.

3. Far away family can join your cookie party

Digital Cookie® provides an easy way for your cookie supporters everywhere from down the street to across the country to support your success and savor delicious treats!

4. Virtually no reasons not to join!

Setting up Digital Cookie® is easy and allows a host of virtual options for your sales with online and mobile channels. On your very own personalized cookie site, you can play interactive games, watch videos, enjoy printable activities and take fun quizzes to make your cookie season an enjoyable one. Plus, you can use Digital Cookie to take credit card payments when you have cookies in hand to give to a customer at that time, or when you need to collect payment for cookies they ordered in person from you.

Ready to get started? Find quick and easy steps to set up your Digital Cookie® site or mobile app and more information at girlscoutsem.org/cookies.